Yesterday & Today: 29th January

Yesterday proved to be a rewarding day in the end, not because I did tons of work, but because I actually began to draft the missing chapter in Tilt. There’s nothing quite like the buzz you get when you start to make your characters do things, interact, and think. And having been so engrossed in reviewing and editing for the majority of my time recently, doing so yesterday made that feeling so much sweeter.

Still working through the review of Irregular Piece of Sky which I hope to have completed in the coming week. At that point it will be all about deciding on when the cut-off is going to be in terms of hoping to hear back from potential agents before I publish the collection myself.

It will be a similar story with Once Significant Others of course – although shift the timeline on by a couple of months. And as that’s a novel, I’m prepared to give agents a little more time to get back to me.

Today has already started in terms of Sky reviewing, and in putting together the readers for Contextual: 15 on 23rd February. It’s remarkable how quickly things cycle round, one month after another. Nearly 8% of the year gone already!

Hopefully there will be more Tilt drafting this morning – and I have a poetry itch I need to scratch!

A question: what are your ‘lazy’, ‘go to’ words when writing prose? These are the words you use without thinking, almost as ‘fillers’, because the drive to get on to the next word / sentence / idea proves dominant. Mine tend to be ‘that’ and ‘it’, and often ‘kind of’. Re-read your work – or use ‘word cloud’ software – to find out what your ‘lazy’ words are, and then root the unnecessary ones out!

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