Yesterday & Today: 30th January

Well, I managed to put ‘fingers to keyboard’ again yesterday in pursuit of Tilt‘s missing chapter. It’s interesting when going back into a project to carry on drafting new material a long while after you last did so (and have done some editing of the already existing in between!); picking up the tone and rhythm is hard. It will be especially difficult with Tilt because there are four main characters, and the perspective – and hence the writing – is subtly different for each of them.

This new addition will require assiduous editing.

It now seems likely that I will be running a two-day taught poetry course in the Spring. I have been preparing component parts of the course via individual one-hour workshops, but now I need to knit the whole together. The framework is already there, so it’s largely plugging material in and making sure it all dovetails. I picked this up again yesterday and will do some more today with the aim of having it just about ready by the end of the week.

No surprise then that today is all about Tilt, courses, and editing…

Occasionally I work away from my study and walk into town to settle down for a while either in the Library (when I’m ‘on duty’ there) or in a café. The change of scenery helps pep-up the routine. This morning might be one such time – even though I’m out much of tomorrow at writing events and have a 1-2-1 with a local writer in the self-same café on Wednesday. Well, someone’s got to do it!

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