Yesterday & Today: 31st January

Got a fair amount done yesterday: a decent chunk of Irregular Sky reviewing, plus some further shaping of my 2-day poetry course that will run at Writers’ Retreat UK at some time in the Spring (date to be confirmed).

I also managed to fit-in an unscheduled podcast episode production and posting: four sonnets from my upcoming Not the Sonnets collection. You can find the details here.

Add to that some poetry, other bits-and-pieces – and ‘the waiting’! – so not a bad day.

A much more social day today kicks off with a monthly poetry reading group at Northallerton library. Today I’m taking along the two books I produced for Simon French to introduce him to the group. The books are Joyriding Down Utopia Avenue and The Deadwing Generation.

Then – if I can make it back in time – the ‘Write-on Ripon’ group after lunch to see what some have made of the ‘formal poetry’ challenge they took away last week. I did some more work on my Villanelle to tidy up the syllable count and rhythm; I think it’s better – but it’s not Dylan Thomas!

And that’s pretty much a month gone already!

#amwriting #writing #wrtingdiary

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