Yesterday & Today: 11th March

One thing I hadn’t expected to be doing yesterday was preparing some of my books for a Coverstory books publication in May – all in the event of them not being picked up by an agent/other publisher. (Though if one of the short stories in the collection wins a prize in the interim it might become illegible for publication by me for a short while.)

Always good to be prepared.

So, what did this work consist of? Mainly cover design and file preparation, and was carried out for Once Significant Others, An Irregular Piece of Sky, and Not the Sonnets. I will also prepare a paperback version of Crash for the reading in June. I want all titles to be available late May / early June.

On top of that there was some retreat prep, a little Tilt reviewing, come “C” drafting, a bit of poetry, and some filtering out of unsuitable competitions to enter.

Obviously starting mentoring at the retreat will dominate today, and I’ll be heading there around lunchtime. Then, until Wednesday, that will dominate.

What does the work profile look like at a retreat where I mentor? Well, I offer optional 1-2-1s with the delegates; a one-hour workshop every day (in this case Sunday, Monday and Tuesday); coordinating the events after dinner e.g. readings, games etc.; and just being around and available for ad-hoc questions. I will get a little work of my own done here and there, but it’s impossible to predict how much.

Tune in to find out how it goes!


Links: (books for sale on, Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), Barnes & Noble etc. Some e-books also available direct from Coverstory books.

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