Yesterday & Today: 20th March

Well, that was a little bit more like it yesterday. A concerted effort saw me right through to the end of my Tilt revision which now means it can join my other work in a mid-May publication bonanza! Whether that’s the right or wrong thing to do commercially I’ve no idea, but getting the titles ‘off the back-burner’ and into the world is psychologically beneficial at least.

I also managed a Crash run-through, trying one of the things suggested at the retreat last week (which worked!) before my rehearsal with Andy on Wednesday.

And in addition to that I had an idea in relation to the structure of my project, “C”, and the beginnings of thoughts as to what I might work on alongside it. So all that sounds like a much more productive day!

All of which gives me a number of things I could progress today: “C”, furthering thoughts on its ‘companion piece’, plus beginning the process for getting my titles ready for mid-May Coverstory books publication.

In terms of the latter there’s a process I need to work through:

  • one final check over the format of the document to be published i.e. document size, margins, layout etc.
  • creation of the file to be sent to the printer
  • entering details of the volume into Ingram Spark
  • finalisation of the cover file, including back cover material
  • cover and inner sent to Ingram
  • creation of an associated book record on the Nielsen record system
  • generation and checking of proofs
  • making any final amendments based on the proof copies
  • putting live and making available for distribution

This whole process will run from now until mid-May (or early June for Crash) with proof revision being carried out during April. Although it will be a little like a dam suddenly bursting, I will have been working on these titles for a considerable period: perhaps five years in the case of not the Sonnets, three for An Irregular Piece of Sky, and two for Once Significant Others.


Links: (books for sale on, Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), Barnes & Noble etc. Some e-books also available direct from Coverstory books.

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