Yesterday & Today: 21st March

I managed to get through a fair bit of document preparation yesterday in terms of May publication. It’s a process you can’t hurry given it can be all too easy to miss out a step, or set a document margin at 1.2 cm rather than 1.8 cm etc.

The next task – preparing the covers – is another detail-oriented one, requiring not only writing the blurb (surprisingly hard!) but also the liberal use of a ruler’s millimetre scale on draft printouts of the potential book cover.

But yesterday wasn’t all about preparing these volumes. I managed to get a little drafting of “C” done – kick-starting that after a brief pause – and did another full read-through of Crash.

It’s a library and writing group day today, working in the library this morning and then ‘Write-on Ripon’ after lunch. At the last two meetings of the latter I have been reading excerpts from the opening of “C”, just to take it for a spin. I may do the same again today as I haven’t written anything specific on the theme given out last week.

To be honest I’m not really a ‘theme writer’. I’m sure part of that is not liking to be told what to write about, but more significantly I think it’s about me not wanting to waste valuable writing time when I have projects I am trying to progress. If I had nothing on the go – or suffered from writer’s block – then it might be a different story, but that’s just not me.


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