Yesterday & Today: 22nd March

Back in the groove yesterday, helped by my spending time working in the Claro lounge before I did my library stint, and then staying in town (at the Claro again!) between that and ‘Write-on Ripon’.

How did I spend all that time? Well a fair amount went on drafting initial thoughts on the back-cover blurb for my upcoming publications. I’m now just about ready to put the covers together. This will happen over the next few days.

‘Write-on Ripon’ was usually emotional with people responding to the prompt ‘A Letter to my Younger Self’ with remarkable candour. I didn’t write anything to the theme (see my comment about themes in yesterday’s post) but I did read a couple of poems from my collection The Homelessness of a Child. These seemed to fit the mood well enough. I also drafted a little more of “C”, and started to pull some thoughts together about the project that might run alongside it. In addition to that, there were some odds-and-sods of work including a competition entry.

Yesterday as also a day for news – typically both good and bad. The bad was having not the Sonnets rejected by Carcanet (not a surprise); the good, being invited to put on a two-day poetry course at the end of May (date to be confirmed).

Out and about again today with a Crash rehearsal after lunch and then Ripon Writers’ Group this evening. We have a guest speaker for the latter: Julia Usman is going to talk about her autobiographical book, A Little Country.

Before that, I’m likely to spend the morning on “C”, cover work, and perhaps another read-through of Crash ready for this afternoon.


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